3M — Highland™ Wire Connector

3M — Highland™ Wire Connector

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3M™ Highland™ Wire Connectors make it quick and easy to match the right connector to the size of the wire. The shells are designed to withstand temperatures up to 221°F (105°C). Highland wire connectors are UL Listed and work equally well with either solid or stranded copper wire.

3M™ Highland™ Wire Connectors are available in five color/wire range options. H-29 and H-30 Highland wire connectors are rated to 300V. H-31, H-33 and H-35 Highland wire connectors are rated to 600V maximum in building wire; 1000V maximum in signs or lighting fixtures (luminaires).
Gray: 22 – 16 AWG, Blue: 22 – 14 AWG, Orange: 18-14 AWG, Yellow: 18 -12 AWG, Red: 18 -10 AWG

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