Crescent CL100BA — 100′ Contractor Chalk & Reel w/ HardMark Blue Chalk

Crescent CL100BA — 100′ Contractor Chalk & Reel w/ HardMark Blue Chalk

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Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions8.25 × 3.15 in

Product details

Crescent chalk reels are feature-rich in order to make every pro’s work easier. With a one-way refill valve and a quarter-turn removable top, filling the chalk reel is quick and clean. A one-hand hub lock keeps the reel firmly secured and the end hook slides securely into a storage recess so it won’t catch on other items in your tool bag. With a 6:1 gear ratio, retraction is fast and the compound braided line improves chalk retention for well-defined lines, snap after snap.

• 6:1 gear ratio, fold-away, rotating hub for faster rewind and reel protection during storage
• Single hand hub lock allows user to stop line in place and snap lines with only one hand
• Nesting end hook retracts into a nested position, protecting the hook from unwanted snags
• Reinforced string perfectly braided for the best balance between chalk retention and reduced overspray
• One-way chalk refill valve designed for quick refills without the mess
• Quarter-turn release for secondary access to the chalk box

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