Crescent — Indexing Flat Pry Bar

Crescent — Indexing Flat Pry Bar

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Tackle your next renovation or demolition project with the latest innovations from Crescent. Our new tools are designed around powerful innovations that allow the user to attack projects from the best angle, adjust your tool to fit the task at hand, and just get the job done faster and easier than before. This series of tools offers a wide array of demolition and renovation tools. All Crescent pry bars have precision ground edges that make it easier to access tight spaces and help minimize damage to finished areas, as well as a crow bar end with a nail puller slot for standard crow bar use.

• Patented indexing head design indexes over 180 degrees and locks in 15 positions for better access and leverage
• Raised striking surface allow for use with a hammer or mallet to help loosen and penetrate nails or boards
• Dual material grip provides comfort, control and safety while applying force
• Phosphate finish helps prevent corrosion
• Precision ground ends and edges allow for better access without damaging the surrounding material
• Highly durable and heat treated forged steel is designed to maximize product life and provide ultimate durability

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