Crescent L1624CS — 24″ Carpenter Square

Crescent L1624CS — 24″ Carpenter Square

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Weight1.65 lbs
Dimensions24 × 16 × .09 in

Product details

Crescent’s full line of squares is ideal for the professional tradesmen who get the job done at all costs, with longevity and an investment in their craft. Equipped to perform in a variety of environments, Crescent squares allow you to easily complete multiple tasks. And with advanced design features that provide durability and maximum functionality, Crescent squares outlast the elements. In grit, dust or tough territory—there’s a square for your unique application.

• Steel construction with high contrast numbers for increased legibility
• Dual-sided print with increments from inches to 1/16th
• Protective coating to maintain print legibility
• Corrosion resistant finish

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