DeWALT DXAEWPC4 — Waterproof Battery Charger, 12VDC

DeWALT DXAEWPC4 — Waterproof Battery Charger, 12VDC

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Weight2.000 lbs
Dimensions7.900 × 2.800 × 9.800 in

Product details

The DeWalt DXAEWPC4 Professional 4 Amp Waterproof 12V Battery Charger/Maintainer is ideal for outdoor and marine use, with an IP67 rated housing that’s completely sealed, waterproof and dust proof. Capable of withstanding direct water or rain exposure, you can leave this charger hanging outside or on the dock to keep batteries topped off on your boat, RV, snowmobile or other seasonally-used vehicle. With reverse polarity protection and built-in circuit protection, the DeWalt DXAEWPC4 waterproof car battery charger can charge any AGM, GEL or WET battery while preventing overcharging and short-circuiting. It also includes three different ways to connect, with heavy duty powder coated clamps, battery terminal rings and a DC accessory plug.

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