Ergodyne 16992 — N-Ferno 6992 Toe Warmer Packs

Ergodyne 16992 — N-Ferno 6992 Toe Warmer Packs

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These toe warmers offer long-lasting heat, delivering up to 6 hours of warmth. As a wearable heating pad, they’re perfect for keeping toes warm for long hours during work or play. These toe warmers are designed to adhere to the insole of the shoe or on the sock near the toes. Once applied, the pack is safe to wear inside work boots or shoes. Packs are not reusable and should be disposed of after each use (up to 6 hours).

To activate, simply open the pack. The non-toxic, all-natural ingredients will begin to heat up as soon as they’re exposed to oxygen—no batteries required. Shake the pack to speed up the warming process.

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