Ergodyne — ProFlex 818WP Thermal Waterproof Winter Work Gloves

Ergodyne — ProFlex 818WP Thermal Waterproof Winter Work Gloves

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These gloves are built to keep your hands warm and dry when you’re working in the cold. The palm features grippy, abrasion-resistant reinforcements for additional protection and extra grip on equipment or gear. These winter work gloves feature dual-zone 3M Thinsulate Insulation and waterproof inserts for warmth without wetness. The dual-zone insulation has 40g insulation in the palm and 70g in the back of the hand for cold-blocking warmth where you need it. The waterproof, breathable membrane insert creates a unique layer which blocks moisture and wind when working in snow. The insulation in these thermal gloves is designed to trap body heat while allowing moisture to escape so your hands stay dry and warm, not cold and clammy.

Extended neoprene cuff can fit under or over jacket sleeves for convenient easy on/off wear. Tightened with hook and loop closure to keep the cuff secure around your wrist for increased warmth. Soft thumb can be used as a nose and brow wipe area. These gloves meet the EN 388: 3423 X glove standard and feature reflective accents to enhance wearer visibility and hand signaling. The thumb and index finger feature touchscreen-friendly materials so you can swipe, tap and type on smartphones and tablets without having to take your gloves off.

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