Gear Wrench 64-832G — 1,200 Foot Pound Torque Multiplier

Gear Wrench 64-832G — 1,200 Foot Pound Torque Multiplier

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Weight9.1 lbs
Dimensions14.13 × 3.9 × 4 in

Product details

• Low input torque is required and can easily be applied by one person
• Internal planetary gear system provides strength and durability
• Place an impact socket on the output square to attach to the fastener, then restrain the reaction bar against the equipment being serviced
• Input and output rotate in a matching direction, while the reaction arm moves in the opposite direction from the input/output force
• Torque accuracy of +/- 5% CW between 20% and 100% of wrench capability
• Square drive shears at 3% to 10% of overload torque to help protect against internal damage and permits easy replacement of the square drive
• Built-in anti-backlash maintains the multipliers input torque, allowing the use of a ratcheting head torque wrench for more efficiency
• Built-in angle of turn protractor displays the output angle, providing effective use on fasteners requiring a specific angle rotation after applied torque
• Made in the USA
• 1 year limited warranty; calibration accuracy warrantied for 90 days

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