Milwaukee 2488-20 — M12™ Soldering Iron (Tool Only)

Milwaukee 2488-20 — M12™ Soldering Iron (Tool Only)

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions10.1 × 1.14 in

Product details

The M12™ Soldering Iron delivers fast application speeds by reaching operational temperature in under 18 seconds and maintaining an optimized temperature throughout the most demanding applications. The heat indicator utilizes REDLINK™ INTELLEGENCE to notify users when the tool is ready-to-use and safe-to-store, eliminating the guesswork. The 3-stop pivoting head provides unmatched access by allowing users the ability to adapt the tool for the application and solder in more confined spaces. A green LED light indicates operating temperature reached and a red LED indicates the tool is off and still hot.

• M12™ Soldering Iron
• Chisel Tip
• Pointed Tip

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