OSI SC175 — Draft & Acoustical Sound Sealant

OSI SC175 — Draft & Acoustical Sound Sealant

OSI SC175 Draft and Acoustical Sound Sealant, 28 fl-oz Tube, White



Weight1.8 lbs

Product details

OSI® SC175 draft & acoustical sound sealant is a non-flammable, latex-based sealant specially designed to reduce sound transmissions and drafts in all types of wall systems where a sound-rated assembly is required. Its primary function is to achieve and maintain the specific STC (sound transmission class) value of the system designed. This paintable sealant remains flexible and adheres firmly to wood, metal studs, concrete, gypsum board and most other building materials. It is easy-to-use and cleans up easily with soap and water. Designed for sound-rated wall systems. Permanently flexible. Easy application & clean-up.

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