TENRYU SPS-35590 — 14″ Steel-Pro Stainless Saw Blade, 90-Teeth

TENRYU SPS-35590 — 14″ Steel-Pro Stainless Saw Blade, 90-Teeth

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Weight3.000 lbs

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The Steel-Pro for Stainless Series is the result of nearly two years of intensive product testing. Never before has cutting stainless steel been so easy and economical. The TENRYU Steel-Pro® for stainless blades allow you to cut a wide variety of stainless steel materials with greatly improved cutting speed, less burr on edges (resulting in tremendous time savings), no scorching of the stainless, reduced sparking, longer life than the competition’s blades, fewer blade changes. Individually hand-hammer tensioned steel plates for true run. Unique tooth design and geometry for smoother and easier cuts. Inserted teeth with chip limiting steel support for added durability and safety. New grade of carbide for longer cutting life in stainless steel. Resin bond-filled laser expansion slots for reduced vibration. For cutting stainless on 14″ dry cut saws. 14″ Diameter, 1″ Arbor, 90-Teeth

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