Wilton 11114 — Spark-Duty™ 400CS Hi-Vis C-Clamp Kit

Wilton 11114 — Spark-Duty™ 400CS Hi-Vis C-Clamp Kit

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions17.6 × 8.75 × 4.1 in

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Wilton Spark-Duty™ 400 series hi-vis c-clamps are ideal for steel fabrication and industrial welding. Each boast a drop forged construction, an ACME rolled, copper-plated spindle and conform to OSHA safety color standards for physical hazards regulation# 1910.144. Each has an oscillating head with a high-quality steel pad built to last and provides firm gripping action on angular surfaces. Copper-plated spindle and Perma-pad® for resistance to welding spatter and corrosion and are replaceable and are replaceable. Drop-forged, regular-duty with extra deep-throat. V-grooved anvil allows secure holding of all materials including rounds, squares and flats.

H402CS C-Clamp, 2″ Opening Capacity
H404CS C-Clamp, 4″ Opening Capacity
H406CS C-Clamp, 6″ Opening Capacity
H408CS C-Clamp, 8″ Opening Capacity

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