Wilton 86440 — Spark-Duty™ Regular-Duty F-Clamp

Wilton 86440 — Spark-Duty™ Regular-Duty F-Clamp

2660 lb., 24″ Opening

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Weight9.8 lbs
Dimensions30 × 8 × 2 in
Opening Size

24 in, 36 in

Product details

The top of the line Wilton® Spark-Duty series with copper spindle is superior when resisting welding spatter. Every Spark-Duty f-clamp comes standard with an ergonomic, anti-fatigue Wilton-Grip® and v-groove pad accessory. Boasting a lifetime warranty, the 2400S Series f-clamps clamp down with 2400 lb of force. Ergonomic Wilton-Grip® has anti-fatigue properties and provides comfort during repetitive clamping. Quick-twist pads are simple and fast to replace with a V-groove pad included in every box or optional serrated pad. Spark-duty copper-plated spindle extends the life of the clamp by protecting the spindle and pad from harmful welding spatter.

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