Wright — Pear-Shaped Open Head Single Pawl Ratchet

Wright — Pear-Shaped Open Head Single Pawl Ratchet

Contour Grip

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Weight1.400 lbs
Dimensions10.250 × 1.290 × 1.550 in

Product details

Wright Tool drop-forged ratchets are the workhorses of the industry. Compact round and pear shaped heads, short handle arc swings, easily changed kits, choice of handle-style and problem solving designs. The ratchets are engineered to balance within normal range of sockets to minimize the nose heavy feeling. Meets or exceeds ASME B107.110. Strong and versatile enough to be used as a scaffold hammer. They are highly favored in high dirt situations because they are so easily cleaned. Wright ratchets are well balanced providing substantial strength with minimal arc movement. Forged and machined for best fit and unyielding strength. Precision heat-treated and tempered for optimal hardness, ductility and durability. Easy to read stamp pattern in order to quickly determine opening size. Made in the USA.

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